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Isis 050714 close-upIsis Cyclists CTC is an informal member group of Cycling UK (formerly the Cyclists’ Touring Club – CTC). We run short bike rides for women in Oxford with the aim of encouraging non-cyclists to get back on their bikes and commuters to enjoy leisure cycling – all as a step towards health, having fun and meeting new people. Rides are led by experienced and knowledgeable members of Cycling UK and use the best of the city’s cycle paths and quiet lanes, heading towards greenery wherever possible. In June 2016 the group celebrated its 8th birthday.

Rides of a variety of lengths take place each month, from a variety of start locations in Oxford. They follow a regular pattern:

  • 1st Saturday: Short and Steady. 8-10 miles taken at a gentle pace for new/returning cyclists with plenty of stops to regroup and check everyone is doing OK.
  • 2nd Saturday: Medium. 15-20 miles taken at a steady pace (averaging around 10mph) with occasional stops for drinks/ adjusting clothing, regrouping on hills.
  • 3rd Saturday: Long. 20-30 miles taken at a slightly faster pace (around 11mph)  for people who like to keep going generally with an odd stop for regrouping as necessary.
  • Last Sunday (4th or 5th): Joint Isis/Oxford City Cycling ride. A 20-30 mile return trip to coffee in the company of riders from the Oxford City section of Cycling UK. This ride is always a mixed social ride (i.e. male partners and friends welcome). The pace of this ride is slightly faster than an Isis long ride and usually only has occasional stops for regrouping. The City riders continue on a full day ride which Isis riders can join.
  • Midweek during the month: Stop & Stare. A 5-10 mile ride taken at a gentle pace suitable for all. The ride usually has a theme and visits several places of interest along the way. Read more…

All rides feature a refreshment stop.

In addition to these regular rides, we run evening jaunts, mixed socials (when you can bring male friends and family along), picnics, charity rides and weekends away. We have recently introduced a programme of progressively longer rides, leading up to a 50-mile challenge in late August/early September.

There is no charge and rides are taken at a gentle pace to maintain group cohesion. Any bike will do as long as it’s roadworthy, although for rides with hills you’ll need a good range of gears. Just pump up your tyres, and bring a drink and a spare inner tube in case of a puncture (which we may be able to help fix). If you aren’t used to riding with a number of other people, you may find our page on group cycling helpful.

The rides programme for each month is posted on the Home page of the website and in a monthly email to the mailing list. To join the mailing list, or to ask questions about the group, email isiscyclistsctc@gmail.com. Please do join the Facebook group.

Read our annual report for 2015-16.


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