Sat 13 June 2009: the Isis Cyclists’ charity ride for the Jane Ashley Unit

Around 35 women gathered in a dazzling array of pink outfits at the Radcliffe Camera for this charity ride. Bikes were decked out with ribbons, signs and balloons, collection buckets were issued, and we set off in two groups for a figure-of-eight ride first north to Wolvercote and then south to Iffley. The glorious weather had worked its charm on all we came across, and rarely did a pedestrian (car driver, canal boat resident … !) refuse an invitation to contribute to the collection pot. Donations were met with cheers and a chorus of bicycle bells (and only occasionally kisses!) We are particularly thankful to the managers of the Trout and the Perch for letting us approach their customers and for making donations themselves.

On the morning of the ride, our hoped-for target of £3000 had been reached on the site, and a further £550 was collected on the ride. At the time of writing the total stands at nearly £4000! Donations can be made at up until Friday 10 July.

An enormous thank you to all those Isis Cyclists who generously donated, persuaded friends and family to contribute, and came out in such splendid force on the day! A longer write-up of the day will be circulated before too long and in due course we hope to have information from the Jane Ashley Unit on how they might use the money raised.


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