Sat 5 September 2009: a short September ride to Wytham

Eighteen Isis Cyclists assembled outside the Sheldonian Theatre this morning for a leisurely ride to Wytham. The sun was out and we enjoyed a pleasant and relaxed pootle along the river towpath to Osney and then on quiet road and parkside path to North Hinksey. Here we rode up to the Botley Interchange and cut through onto the back road to Wytham. Luckily the Wytham Stores had been pre-warned and we enjoyed a sociable time sitting out in their cotteage garden, eating huge slices of cake (calorie deficit definitely not a problem on this ride!) and drinking coffee. Eventually we got back on our bikes and return along the river towpath from Godstow to Jericho and then back into the centre of Oxford where there were lots of people in fancy dress, and being Oxford, nobody batted an eyelid! It was great to see so many people out at relatively short notice, including several new riders. The ride leader was Ellen Lee and the sweeper was Lucy Wright.


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