Sun 4 October 2009: the Bike Blenheim event

The Bike Blenheim event, organized by British Cycling, attracted over 25 riders from from Isis Cyclists, Oxford City CTC, and Oxford City Sustrans Rangers. We cycled the eight miles to Woodstock on the direct route along the Woodstock Road and the A44 cycle track which are fairly quiet on a Sunday morning. Some riders went ahead of the group and others chose to use Route 5 as an alternative, so the party split quite quickly, and the groups dispersed once we were inside the Park each to wander through at will. The events included a 60 mile Sportif ride, a cycle polo competition, a demonstration of Cyclo Cross and a 20km time trial. The highlight of the day was the Brompton World Championship race in which 600 competitors cycled round two laps of the course. Helmets and collar and ties were mandatory (well, Bromptoms are commuting bikes after all!) After the race the park was open to all and a good numebr re-grouped to cycle round. The weather had been a little on the chilly side but we found a spot by the lake, in the sun and out of the wind, for a very pleasant picnic lunch. The ride leader was Helen Beane and the sweeper was Philippa.


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