I joined Isis Cyclists earlier this year and have thoroughly enjoyed the outings.  Here are five good reasons to come along for a ride:

1.  Isis rides are all-inclusive.  Whether it’s been a while since you last hopped on a bike, or you like a bit of a challenge, there’ll definitely be something to suit you.  Rides vary in length and there’s always a trusty “sweep” at the back to make sure no-one gets left behind or goes astray.

2.  Discovering new routes. Isis leaders know their way around on two wheels!  I’m always amazed to keep finding out about cycle paths that I didn’t realize existed and to be shown new and scenic routes.

3.  Great coffee stops. Isis ladies have sussed out where all the best local coffee and cake can be found – when you’ve burned up some calories you deserve a treat! It’s also a chance to chat with like-minded people and find out useful tips about cycling (what are your experiences of taking a bike on trains? what type of pannier would you recommend? etc)

4.  Don’t need an expensive bike or high-tech cycling clothes.
5.  It’s fun!!  Whizzing along with the wind in your spokes is a lot more fun than pounding a treadmill at the gym.  So if you’d like a bit of fresh air and some exercise – come along for the ride!

When I retired from work some years ago, I decided that now was the time, as they say, to ‘Get on your Bike’!  Hence I bought a new bike with gears, and found that I really enjoyed cycling around Oxford.  But as time passed I increasing thought, wouldn’t it be nice to cycle with a group/club and go further afield around Oxfordshire.  But not being particularly confident, fit or a fast cyclist, I couldn’t find one which seemed appropriate.  Then one lucky day I saw on the notice board of the Central Library exactly what I was looking for – an article giving details about the Isis Cycling Group.  I rang Amanda who kindly put me on the mailing list for their monthly programme of rides. Having easy rides on the first Saturday of the month (my favourite!), then medium and longer rides too, means there is something for everyone.  So after 4 years and many enjoyable outings in this lovely county, I can’t adequately express my thanks and gratitude to everyone who organises and runs this great group, and the friendly,supportive, and fun crowd who go on the rides.  It has certainly brought me a lot of happiness. 

I have been a member of Isis Cyclists for around 2-3 years now, only having previously used my bicycle as a means of transport within Oxford, to get me from A to B.  My goal in joining the group was not only for the exercise, but also to get out in the fresh air, enjoy leisure rides and meet like-minded people.   It is an extremely friendly and encompassing group, always welcoming fellow cyclists of all abilities.  Thanks to the knowledgeable and competent ride leaders, it has also enabled me to build my confidence in cycling further distances in the relative safety of the group. I’m very grateful for Isis Cyclists, for providing me with an outlet to have fun on my bike on a regular basis!

Thank you Isis – being new to Oxford, newly retired, newly recovered from a cancer operation and treatment, I can’t tell you how wonderful it was to have a supportive group of women to be able to join for fresh air, exercise, exploring my area, companionship (not to mention coffee and cake…) whenever I could. You really have been a very important part of my settling into life here in Oxford. Thank you to the founders, the leaders, those all important sweepers who bring up the rear so patiently and encouragingly, and indeed to all the friendly members. I’m often busy now and don’t do nearly as many rides as I’d like to – but I love the e-mails safely in my inbox letting me know that the rides are there. I thoroughly enjoy those I’m able to join, even if I do wish I had more gears on my bike! I just walk up a hill when I have to, and no one’s ever said a cross word about waiting – you’re all heroines… So if anyone is in doubt about getting back on their bike again or worrying about whether she’d be ‘good enough’ and able to keep up – please don’t. Just come and I’m sure you’ll have a great time and meet a wonderful group of people.


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